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Since day one when I came in for my interview and was asked by the owner, “Do you know the difference between a transmission and engine?” and my response being “No.” (seriously) it has been a wild ride. I have hit the 6 month mark; in that time, workers come and go, but our core group stays the same. My knowledge on vehicles has became exponential, compared to when I first arrived at least. In all actuality, on a scale of 0-10, my knowledge went from a 1 to a 3, so exponential may not be the best way to describe it. This blog will talk about a few points I hope everyone finds interesting.

Currently for the rankings of “used truck parts” on the major search engines this is how we rank (on average):
Google- 16th (Page 2)
Yahoo- 13th (Page 2)
AOL- 14th (Page 2)
Bing- 14th (Page 2)
Those rankings change depending on geo-location (where you are located in the world). When I started six months ago, Rasco Used Truck Parts was not ranked for the key terms used truck parts, used truck part, etc.; our ranks continue to increase.

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From – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backlink
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Largest Used Truck Parts Recycler in WV

With the economy getting worse and worse by the day; and your pocket book getting smaller and smaller, relying on used auto parts is the way to go. Not only do you save a ton of money, but you still get excellent, quality, parts. With our 30 day warranty on ALL non-electrical parts, you are guaranteed a great used part, at a great price! Most of our used parts are O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means you are getting quality, not foreign/aftermarket parts. The reason you should buy used truck
parts from Rasco is, we follow a motto: “We don’t sell any part we wouldn’t personally use on our own vehicles!” Come see us at Rasco!

Another excellent reason to buy used truck parts is to save our earth. Auto recycling is the sixteenth largest industry in the world. There is an estimated 8 MILLION vehicles per year recycled saving 80 million barrels of oil! Additional energy and resource conservation occurs as well by the rebuilding of “core” parts; usually engines, transmissions, rear axle assemblys, etc. Auto part recycling is the major supply source of scrap metal to the nation today.

By purchasing vehicles from insurance companies and reselling the used parts at an extremely discounted price, auto recyclers on average save consumers 15-20 billion dollars every year!

Polluion reduction, according to the EPA, happens at a rate of 86% in air pollution, 76% in water pollution, and 105% in solid waste when mills around the US use scrapped steel and iron in place of ore!

Hope everyone has a great weekend planned out for the end of summer. The start to my weekend is going to be Apollo 18. For the people who have witnessed the amazing preview (which should be almost everyone I assume) you realize how incredible this film looks. Could it possibly be one of the best films of the summer? YES! Is it going to have a better ending than Planet of the Apes, I sure as heck hope so, because that ending was absolutely terrible. Other that, it’s time to crack open another beer, sit back, relax, and watch WVU woop some Marshall ass on Sunday!


Environmental Impacts Caused by Off-Highway Vehicle Use

First off, I want to give a big thanks to Beth for submitting this blog entry to me. It is lengthy, but also a great read!

Beth Hunnell
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Off-highway vehicle (ohv) use has been a concern to environmentalists for more than 60 years. What are ohv users doing to protect the environment while using natural land as their playground? Ohv users have created finally a united front to stand up and support off-roading. They have created organizations, protected off-road parks, involved the public, offered safety and responsible off-road vehicle use classes, stimulated local economies, and are driven to help protect the environment. Although ohv use does have an impact on designated trails it does not significantly impact the environment and it brings revenue to rural underdeveloped areas.

“Off-highway vehicles are defined as four wheel drive Jeeps, motorcycles designed for off-road use, all-terrain vehicles, and other specially designed vehicles made for off-road use” (Burr, Smith, Reiter, Jakus, Keith. 2008. pp. 61. Para. 5). These vehicles are designed to be taken off-road and many Jeeps have an optional off-road package. They come with tow hooks, rear hitches, skid plates to help protect the vehicle from rock damage, and quick disconnects. Quick disconnects allow the driver to disconnect the sway bar quickly. With the sway bar disconnected for off-road use it allows the front axle to flex more, giving the vehicle more stability.

The history of ohv use dates back more than 60 years ago and was a problem even before a problem existed. The issues didn’t start over ohv use. Environmentalists simply started this over land use and who have the right to use it and how it should be used. This is because U.S. Forestry Service Chief Gifford Pinchot and legendary naturalist John Muir faced off on environmental rights. It has been environmentalists against everyone else ever since (Johnson D. 2005). Since then extreme environmentalists have created an agenda set apart from what the average environmentalists stand to protect. According to Wikipedia environmentalists advocate for the preservation, restoration, or enhancement of the natural environment (Wikipedia.org).

Extreme environmentalists are the groups that think everything is harming the environment in some way and will fight with anyone, individuals or groups, which they believe are harming the environment in some way.

Shutting down trails for ohv use is like trying to stop someone from cutting down a tree because of the environmental impact. Many environmentalists have attacked timber companies just like they are attacking the off-road community. If they (environmentalists) do not believe they have full control over a certain area of interest they want whatever is going on at the time they don’t agree with to come to a complete stand still rather than find ways to work with the others involved. Timbering will always be a part of the culture and a necessity to the economy, just like off-roading. Environmentalists need to come together with other groups to find ways to preserve the land. It is better to have this recreational sport controlled and managed then outlawed. In 1998 the number of registered ohv users in the state of Utah was 51,688; however, this number tripled by the year 2006 to 172,231 (Burr, Smith, Reiter, Jakus, Keith. 2008). With the number of ohv users on the rise and the number of legal places to off-road dwindling; according to Daphne Greene, deputy director of California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation, it best serves environmentalists interest by administering properly maintained lands for responsible ohv use. If this isn’t available rogue riders will forge their own paths (Imlay M. 2007).

Three major land management agencies were surveyed. They included Bureau of Land Management, Forest Services, and the National Park Service. In the survey they were specifically asked “What proportion of the land had soil damage or erosion associated with ohv use?” All agencies unanimously agreed that less than 9% was caused by ohv use (Federal Lands: Survey, 2009). This is far less than most environmental issues in the United States.

(Federal Lands: Survey. GAO U.S Government Accountability Office, 2009. Retrieved from http://www.gao.gov)

Many organizations are founded by off-road enthusiasts. Many of them are nonprofit. They do it because it is a recreational sport that they love, not because they want to protest orcause a stir with environmentalists. The organizations do not condone illegal, harmful off-roading. Quite the opposite, they offer courses on responsible ohv driving and they organize events to raise money to help find solutions for environmental issues. This does not sound like a bunch of outlaws out to create havoc on public land. They are organizations that want to bring friends and families together for a hobby that everyone, including those with disabilities can enjoy. This is not always the case with recreational sports. The disabled are often left with much to desire of this wonderful land. This gives them the opportunity to see it.
Blue Ribbon Coalition (BRC) is a nonprofit organization that exercises the right to recreational use for everyone. There intent is much like the rest of the ohv organizations. What they stand for and expect is the common way of most off-road enthusiasts. Their mission statement says: “The Blue Ribbon Coalition champions responsible use of public lands and waters for the benefit of all recreationists by educating and empowering its members to:

  • Secure, protect, and expand shared outdoor recreation access and use
  • Work collaboratively with natural resource managers and other recreationists
  • Educate the general public, media, elected officials, and other decision makers on recreation and access issues
  • Promote equitable and responsible natural resource management
  • Affect the political and administrative process
  • Support recreation on, and promote respect for, private property
  • Encourage appropriate enforcement of the law”
  • (Blue Ribbon Coalition, 2010.)

    If everyone involved could have this outlook resources could be put to better use. Instead of the constant fighting over who is right and who is wrong.

    Tread Lightly is a nonprofit organization who has taken matters into their own hands. They have joined forces with both sides to create a unique place for all recreationalists to come for information on responsible recreation. They are a sole source service provider of education and training on how to be environmentally and socially responsible while using motorized and mechanized vehicles in the outdoors (Tread Lightly!, 2009).

    The last organization I want to mention is Wheelers for the Wounded. This organization offers opportunities for wounded vets to travel in off-road vehicles built to meet their needs to areas that would be unattainable or almost impossible otherwise. Without open trails our vets may not have access to the areas that off-road vehicles are capable of going too. All of the mentioned organizations have played a huge role in ohv use and the access to public and private land.

    Responsible ohv users are not on the trails to tear the land up. During a recent survey for the Hatfield-McCoy trail system they found that most users are not on the trail for extreme terrain and riding. Just like any other outdoor sport it is a time to reconnect with nature and enjoy it.

    (Center for Business and Economic Research Marshall University. 2006)

    This brings me to the other issue with closing down ohv trails. Most ohv parks and national forests are in rural areas that don’t have the opportunity for growth and development. Ohv parks offer numerous ways to boost the economy in these areas. Bill Dart states “Tread Lightly organization makes lawmakers and regulatory agencies aware of the economical impact the industry has on local, rural communities” (Imlay M. 2007. Pp 32. Para 3). Without ohv parks in many of the areas many forest management jobs could be lost. Parks and state land that offer trails also bring money into the area by bringing out of state riders in. They eat, sleep, break their vehicles, and fuel up in these areas. This has a huge impact on the local economy.

    In a rural area of New Jersey ohv users protest about the land that is being taken away from them. In Sussex county New Jersey recreationalists complain about the illegal use of all terrain vehicles on the Appalachian trails. These complaints range from the noise of the vehicles to the damage done off the designated hiking trails. These complaints do not go unheard or unnoticed by ohv users. Users state that although some users abuse the rights they have been given the majority of users are responsible and think they should have the same access to these trails as hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. According to John Parrinello, a State Representative for the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council the taxes collected on registrations for ohv’s and fuel purchases pay for the construction and maintenance of trails for non-motorized and motorized vehicles, including those set aside specifically for hiking and horseback riding (Hoffman T. 2006). Environmentalists argue that taxes are paid by everyone and do not give ohv users the right to destroy the land. With the money brought in from the taxes it could be better used to help manage and maintain already open trails and stop the illegal users from trespassing on to illegal land.

    Officials have identified numerous challenges in managing ohv use. Most of it being financial resources and staffing (Nazzaro R. 2009). The opportunity is there. The states and gov’t need to take the opportunity to capitalize on it by offering more funding to national forests to assist with trail management. Just like any other major project individuals and groups need to put something in, to receive something back!

    In conclusion ohv use is not detrimental to the environment. The fight to close ohv trails is just another way for special interest groups to intervene when it is obvious it is not needed. They continue to stress the impact ohv use has on the environment, but it is time they pick their battles. There is a million ways that the environment is being destroyed. There are things more detrimental to us and the lives of generations to come. Ohv users are a minority and within that minority there are far less careless users than responsible ones. It uses up resources that could be used to fight for what these groups continue to suggest they are fighting for and that is to find the best ways to keep the land and all that inhabits it well and thriving. It is time we continue to support the organizations looking out for our best interest. Public land needs to be open to the public, not just a specific group of people. The real question here isn’t how we stop ohv use, but how we choose to manage it while protecting the environment with minimal impact. This will take more than the court system or lawyers to find a middle ground. Keep trails across the country open and accessible for all not just a few that think their way is the only way.

    Blue Ribbon Coalition. (2010). Sharetrails. Retrieved from http://www.sharetrails.org
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    Hoffman T. (2006). Environmentalists to atv riders: Keep Out! The Advertiser- News. Retrieved from http://www.strausnews.com

    Back From Vacation

    The time has come to once again drop the beer can and sparkler, and get back to work. Hope everyone had a great 4th!

    First and foremost, how much circumstantial evidence do you need to prove someone guilty? It just needs to be said, the Casey Anthony verdict was complete bullshit and it is apparent the American Justice System is failing us. I could rant on this subject for days, but in the end, nothing will change.

    I decided since I am blogging under the name of a trucking company, there should be some information or something involved during the blog, etc. that is relevant. We recently opened a forum addition to our blog and website that is for technical vehicle questions of any nature, so if you do have any question please feel free to check out our forum.

    I am leaving for my brother’s wedding tomorrow and was asked to give a toast, so I decided to write it today at work and get some thoughts on it.

    “Hey” //pause
    “How about that ride in” //pause
    “Guess that’s why they call it Sin city” //pause

    That was a joke for anyone who doesn’t know me. Let me start off by saying Jessie you look fantastic, and Dusty, your a Hostutler, so of coarse you look great. I was a little nervous when my brother Dusty asked me to speak, but he’s promised me that if I do a good job I won’t have to do it again at his next wedding. After talking to Dusty about what he wanted from his marriage, he told me ‘Well, I want to be a great husband and a great father.’ And he added, with the largest grin I’ve ever saw on my brother’s face, that he also wanted to be a great lover.’ After hearing that, I knew everything would work out. I just want to say in all honesty, I’m happy my brother found such a wonderful woman who shared his views and morals and that loves him like you do Jessie. It’s rare. I wish you all the best and remember to keep your head held high during the best times and keep it held higher doing the worse times. In closing I want you both turn and face each other, look deep into each others eyes, statistically you are now staring at the person who is most likely to murder you….’ Love you both!

    My apologies for the short length of this blog, I’m in a time crunch to get some stuff finished up here at work before I have to leave in the morning.
    Hoping to keep this blog updated at least once or so every week for people who enjoy it, and for people who don’t SMD. Thanks!

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    Welcome Reader
    Let me first introduce myself, the blogger. My name is Kyle, a 24 year old web designer from Fairmont, WV. I went to college for 2 years for Computer Science, and eventually decided it wasn’t for me. Through the years I’ve held many jobs, from a DCO at USPS, to a manager of a dry cleaning operation, even a taco “specialist” at Taco Bell. My journey is now doing webdesign for Rasco Used Truck Parts; even though I do all sorts of stuff her. If I’m not found working than I’m usually out with friends/family, gaming, or thinking of something crazy and bizarre in this world. You may be thinking, webdesign; truck parts? Why do I give a crap about a blog about that… Yes, information on truck parts will be included in the blog, but we will talk about anything and everything including a Transformers 3 review.

    Transformers 3 Review
    First off, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you did a great job replacing Megan Fox; not just because you were sexy, you just did a good acting job. The movie itself was good, the 2.5 hour time on it was a little long, seeing as how the last 45 minutes I had to piss but didn’t want to miss the main action parts of the movie since there wasn’t much in the rest of the movie. They had some good one liners, but it seemed as if there were plot holes with worse questions needing to be answered than Season 6 of Lost. Even though I enjoyed the movie I would give it a 3.5/5 stars but I would say it has been the worst Transformers movie yet.

    Questions Being Asked
    Will there be a Transformers 4?
    I think so, there are still a ton of Decepticon’s and Michael Bay wants more money.

    Will Megatron come back?
    Does he ever die? He will be back to reign once again.

    Will Optimus Prime have a different look after losing his arm?
    Me and my boss debated this, I say no for the simple fact he’s had his unique colors and style throughout all three films so it won’t be changed. My boss says it will definitely be changed because he lost his arm and they HAVE to give him a new bad ass look.

    Things I Did Like:

  • Left a possibility for a 4th film.
  • Rosie Huntington did a great job.
  • Historical space events being integrated into it was a pretty cool concept.
  • The new mini-autobot and his companion were entertaining.
  • Agent Simmons was once again great.

    Things I Didn’t Like:

  • How high of a building are you jumping off it? Sure, you have your wing suit but you did way to many maneuvers in the air to stay up that long.
  • We all knew the freaking Autobots didn’t go up in the space ship. If you over the age of 10, than you weren’t saddened when you saw all the autobots being shipped off the Earth because you knew they would be back…
  • Too many new faces, sure it’s nice seeing the Asian guy from the hangover trying to play another funny/gay/small penis role but it wasn’t needed in Transformers 3.
  • Wiring + Optimus Prime= him stuck half the movie.
  • Did Iron Hide die??

    Throughout the next few weeks I will try posting once or twice a week. I can’t tell you what will show up in this blog because I don’t know. Have a Happy 4th weekend and stay safe!


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