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Let me first introduce myself, the blogger. My name is Kyle, a 24 year old web designer from Fairmont, WV. I went to college for 2 years for Computer Science, and eventually decided it wasn’t for me. Through the years I’ve held many jobs, from a DCO at USPS, to a manager of a dry cleaning operation, even a taco “specialist” at Taco Bell. My journey is now doing webdesign for Rasco Used Truck Parts; even though I do all sorts of stuff her. If I’m not found working than I’m usually out with friends/family, gaming, or thinking of something crazy and bizarre in this world. You may be thinking, webdesign; truck parts? Why do I give a crap about a blog about that… Yes, information on truck parts will be included in the blog, but we will talk about anything and everything including a Transformers 3 review.

Transformers 3 Review
First off, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you did a great job replacing Megan Fox; not just because you were sexy, you just did a good acting job. The movie itself was good, the 2.5 hour time on it was a little long, seeing as how the last 45 minutes I had to piss but didn’t want to miss the main action parts of the movie since there wasn’t much in the rest of the movie. They had some good one liners, but it seemed as if there were plot holes with worse questions needing to be answered than Season 6 of Lost. Even though I enjoyed the movie I would give it a 3.5/5 stars but I would say it has been the worst Transformers movie yet.

Questions Being Asked
Will there be a Transformers 4?
I think so, there are still a ton of Decepticon’s and Michael Bay wants more money.

Will Megatron come back?
Does he ever die? He will be back to reign once again.

Will Optimus Prime have a different look after losing his arm?
Me and my boss debated this, I say no for the simple fact he’s had his unique colors and style throughout all three films so it won’t be changed. My boss says it will definitely be changed because he lost his arm and they HAVE to give him a new bad ass look.

Things I Did Like:

  • Left a possibility for a 4th film.
  • Rosie Huntington did a great job.
  • Historical space events being integrated into it was a pretty cool concept.
  • The new mini-autobot and his companion were entertaining.
  • Agent Simmons was once again great.

    Things I Didn’t Like:

  • How high of a building are you jumping off it? Sure, you have your wing suit but you did way to many maneuvers in the air to stay up that long.
  • We all knew the freaking Autobots didn’t go up in the space ship. If you over the age of 10, than you weren’t saddened when you saw all the autobots being shipped off the Earth because you knew they would be back…
  • Too many new faces, sure it’s nice seeing the Asian guy from the hangover trying to play another funny/gay/small penis role but it wasn’t needed in Transformers 3.
  • Wiring + Optimus Prime= him stuck half the movie.
  • Did Iron Hide die??

    Throughout the next few weeks I will try posting once or twice a week. I can’t tell you what will show up in this blog because I don’t know. Have a Happy 4th weekend and stay safe!


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