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Back From Vacation

The time has come to once again drop the beer can and sparkler, and get back to work. Hope everyone had a great 4th!

First and foremost, how much circumstantial evidence do you need to prove someone guilty? It just needs to be said, the Casey Anthony verdict was complete bullshit and it is apparent the American Justice System is failing us. I could rant on this subject for days, but in the end, nothing will change.

I decided since I am blogging under the name of a trucking company, there should be some information or something involved during the blog, etc. that is relevant. We recently opened a forum addition to our blog and website that is for technical vehicle questions of any nature, so if you do have any question please feel free to check out our forum.

I am leaving for my brother’s wedding tomorrow and was asked to give a toast, so I decided to write it today at work and get some thoughts on it.

“Hey” //pause
“How about that ride in” //pause
“Guess that’s why they call it Sin city” //pause

That was a joke for anyone who doesn’t know me. Let me start off by saying Jessie you look fantastic, and Dusty, your a Hostutler, so of coarse you look great. I was a little nervous when my brother Dusty asked me to speak, but he’s promised me that if I do a good job I won’t have to do it again at his next wedding. After talking to Dusty about what he wanted from his marriage, he told me ‘Well, I want to be a great husband and a great father.’ And he added, with the largest grin I’ve ever saw on my brother’s face, that he also wanted to be a great lover.’ After hearing that, I knew everything would work out. I just want to say in all honesty, I’m happy my brother found such a wonderful woman who shared his views and morals and that loves him like you do Jessie. It’s rare. I wish you all the best and remember to keep your head held high during the best times and keep it held higher doing the worse times. In closing I want you both turn and face each other, look deep into each others eyes, statistically you are now staring at the person who is most likely to murder you….’ Love you both!

My apologies for the short length of this blog, I’m in a time crunch to get some stuff finished up here at work before I have to leave in the morning.
Hoping to keep this blog updated at least once or so every week for people who enjoy it, and for people who don’t SMD. Thanks!

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